101 CourseWare provides quality courseware, mainly for Web Development. Courseware is designed to be used in an instructor led classroom envirnment, and comes complete with sample course files, a reference site, and required software.

The Course material is easy to read, but provides sufficient technical detail to enable students to extend their learning experience. Features include:

  • Project based
  • Easy to read exercises
  • Concept and Reference sections
  • Appendices with additional references and further topics

The Web courses are designed to fit in an overall structure, allowing students to progress from fundamentals through to more advanced server technologies.



Course material is available in the following formats:

  • Print Licence: costing is per copy printed
  • “Bare” Copies: ubound printed copies; this allows you to use your own binding and branding
  • Printed Copies

Print Licence

Print Licencing allows you to print copies on demand, using your own or third party facilities. The courseware is provided as a PDF file, with your branding as part of the document.

Fees are based on the number of copies printed, and will be invoiced on the number reported by you.

The print licence makes it possible for you to have your own branded courseware, and reduces wasted cost and material by printing and paying for only what you required.

“Bare” Copies

Bare Copies are printed unbound copies for you to bind as you wish. Although the content does not include your own branding, you are able to bind the copies with your own covers and title pages.

Pricing is based on the number of Bare Copies provided.

Bare Copies are a simple solution to supplying courseware with your own branding without the trouble of having the printed.

Printed Copies

Courseware is also available as a printed book. This is the simplest solution where branding is not an issue.

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